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A successful design in the first place has to be easily readable, with body text at a suitable size for the user to read. Headlines should stand out from the body text. Graphics and photographs should be of good quality and not take too long to display on the page (sometimes carefully chosen and placed graphics and photographs can say a thousand words). Backgrounds should be attractive but never distract the user from the main information in the page. The style and feel of the web site pages have to stick in the memory of the user so that your products and services (or reference information) have a chance of doing the same. Some page styles will send potencial clients away from your web site and some will pull them in, success is in knowing the difference. Navigation of a web site should be obvious and friendly to the user so that the information is easy to find and not frustrating, the navigation should also be obvious enough so as to not let the user get lost within the site. The content of the web site has to be informative, well written and leading to a final goal or point, whether it be a sale of services, products or reference information.

The most important rule of the web as a medium, is the communication of information in the fastest and easiest way possible, you have very little time to get the attention of prospective clients, this does not mean that you need to fill your web site with animations and bright colours, as this can be a big mistake, it means that the design of your web site has to convey clear, attractive and common communication. This is critical to the success of your venture on the web.

Some of the products we offer are:

  • Web Hosting
  • Domain Name Registration
  • Web Design, Layout, and Graphics
  • Web Application Development and Implementation
  • Website Traffic Statistics
  • Email Setup
  • Form Mail
  • Logo Design
  • Macromedia Flash Animation
  • QuickTime
  • Banner Rotation
  • Live Chat
  • Custom programming
  • E - Commerce


The best possible solution is to think ahead and plan the site well. In the site development stage try to think of every possible problem that may occur and keep things as simple and straight forward as possible. Our method of web design includes a lot of thought about how to communicate the message and product of a web site in the best and easiest possible way in order to get and keep the attention of web users.

We can start you off on your new web venture with your first web page or we can re-design your existing web site to make it more dynamic, communicative and get your company real results in client feedback and sales, as well as improve the quality of your graphics and photographs.


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